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  3. Flying Colors



    Directed by: Nobuhiro Doi
    Written by: Hiroshi Hashimoto
    Running time: 117 minutes
    Release date: 2016/04/14 (Mainland China)
    This film is based on the book Hot Girl Improves Her Academic Deviation Value by 40 Points in a Year and is Admitted to Keio University, which is inspired by a true story. The author of the book, Nobutaka Tsubota, is the Leading Actress's private school teacher. Sayaka Kudo(played by Kasumi Arimura) is a lovely gyaru who attends an all-girls high school in Nagoya. She wears heavy make-up, plays hard every day, and pays no attention to studies at all, so she remains bottom of the grade. But with Teacher Tsubota's help, she is later admitted to Keio University.
    Flying Colors is the first Japanese live-action movie released in China in last five years.


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